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Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, also known as MVHR is an innovative ventilation system that harnesses heat recovered through the internal air extraction process. It is perfect for well-insulated homes and commercial premises as it provides fresh ventilation and warm air while improving the quality of the air in your property. Furthermore, NIBE can combine their MVHR systems with their heat pumps to provide an intelligent integrated solution for your home that works using one smart controller.

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What is Mechanical Ventilation With Heat Recovery (MVHR)?

Mechanical Ventilation with heat recovery is a specialist ventilation system that contains a heat exchange cell. The system works by extracting up to 95% of warm air from kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms that has been generated from tumble driers, steam and other heat sources such as ovens. The extracted air passes through the heat exchange cell, which in turn, recovers heat from the air which would otherwise be lost. The extracted heat is then transferred to filtered fresh air that is drawn from outside and pumped into the property. The result is a clean and fresh supply of warm air and improved air quality.

What Are the Benefits of Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery?

  • Provides continuous ventilation for improved indoor air quality.
  • Reduces condensation and damp.
  • Harnesses heat through the extraction process which is recycled into the fresh air supply within the property.
  • Helps to reduce demand on the central heating system.
  • Minimises mould growing within the building, improving air quality for those with respiratory and asthmatic illnesses.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Automatically senses additional humidity in the air triggering the unit to boost in performance.
  • Compliant with building regs to stop the need for trickle vents on windows.

MVHR Unit Installation

We supply and install leading MVHR units from industry-leading manufacturers including Nibe and Systemair. All units comply with current building regulations and feature energy-efficient fan technology, allowing for high performance and low running costs. In addition, our MVHR units boast easy to use control panels, meaning they are simple to operate.

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Contact Solar Heat Tech for further information about our ingenious mechanical ventilation heat recovery units. As the leading supplier of MVHR in North Devon, you can trust us to help improve your eco-credentials.

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