Ground Source Heat Pumps

We design and install ground source heat pumps in North Devon and the surrounding region. GSHP’s extract heat from the ground, therefore it is a much greener alternative to costly oil or electric heating, and far greener than gas. GSHPs are simply the most efficient way to heat your home or commercial property. As expert installers in the South West, we only install the leading European heat pumps including NIBE (Swedish) and Clausius (Austrian) who are renowned for superior engineering, quality build and durability. So, if you think a ground source heat pump could be right for you, contact us to arrange a consultation.

How Does a Ground Source Heat Pump Work?

A ground source heat pump works by pumping a mix of antifreeze and water around a looped pipe (ground loop) which is buried under the ground either horizontally or in a borehole. Heat from the ground is absorbed into the liquid within the pipe. The heat from the water is then absorbed by a refrigerant which is then passed through a compressor to raise the temperature. The heat then moves over a heat exchanger which is connected to your wet central heating system. As a result, this kind of renewable heat source can be used to heat underfloor heating, radiators and hot water.

What are the benefits of GSHPs?

  • Lower your energy bills
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Low running costs
  • Can help to reduce condensation within the property
  • Improvement in air quality
  • Low maintenance
  • You may qualify for help with installation costs through the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

Is my garden big enough for a ground source heat pump?

GSHP installation can be completed in most gardens, even smaller ones, as long as your garden is accessible to digging plant machinery and is suitable for digging. Generally speaking, vertical laying of the ground pipe is a more cost-effective installation method, but you will need a bigger garden. Drilling bore holes for pipe installation is more costly, however it may be required if you have a smaller piece of land available.

Will the heat from a GSHP warm my radiators?

Ground source heat pumps work perfectly well with radiators as well as under floor heating. They use lower temperatures to work efficiently so in some situations radiators have to be a bit bigger.

How much does it cost to install a ground source heat pump?

The costs associated with installation will vary depending on the unit you choose, and the amount of work involved for the installation. We include trenchwork and digging and borehole drilling as part of our installation costs. Prices for installation usually cost upwards of £13,000, however the saving on energy bills and potential installation saving from the RHI scheme makes it a worthwhile investment.

How often will my GSHP need servicing?

To ensure your GSHP maintains its efficiency and to keep it MCS compliant, you must have your heat pump serviced according to the manufacturer’s instructions. 

Annual servicing will ensure that your GSHP operates efficiently and at maximum heat output.

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Interested in lowering your carbon emissions and saving money on energy bills? If so, contact Solar Heat Tech to arrange a free consultation for ground source heat pumps in North Devon.

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